The Happy Medium of Teamwork

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go as a team.” This was one of the quotes I had written down when our Marketing Support Network leadership team had the opportunity to attend an off-site leadership seminar a few weeks ago. I had heard variations of it before,... Read More
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The Gen X Factor

We live in an interesting and unique age. A study conducted at the University of Southern California found that people are confronted with approximately 174 newspapers worth of data daily. Additionally, the average person produces the equivalent of 6 newspapers worth of information on a daily basis. In his book “Information Anxiety,” R. S. Wurman... Read More
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Social Media Tips for Travel Agents

Social media can seem daunting, but as a travel agency, you already have a leg up! You’re in the business of helping people escape to beautiful destinations and go on exciting adventures. You already have what social media users want to see— why not use it to your advantage? The first step in any social... Read More
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4 Social Media Insights for 2017

Creating a social media plan can be overwhelming. The fact of the matter is, over 70% of all adults use social media. Your audience is there, so shouldn’t you be there too? Before you begin to consider your content plan, it’s important to acknowledge that your social media is not about selling. While your end-goal... Read More
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