Nonprofit Social Media Scorecard

Study Shows Nonprofits Fail to Engage Donors, Other Constituents

Our Latest Research Study

The donor of today is connected to the world through social media channels. They keep in touch with friends and family, get their news, and connect with brands and organizations all day long. This raises the question: As a nonprofit, have you made the most of these new tools to connect with your donors?

This study was designed to help identify the gap between how organizations use social media to relate to donors and how they can better leverage these assets. Social media is an excellent way to keep your donors informed—and fill the pipeline with potential new donors. At Marketing Support Network, we want to help you do just that.

So we did the work, looking at 161 nonprofit organizations to see how they handle donor questions and interactions via their social media channels.

Each organization was graded on the following:
1. Response time to general inquiries over social media channels.
2. Integration between website and social channels for sharing.
3. Response time to posts about donations over social media channels.


Our goal was to identify the current trends in online donor development via social media, and develop industry benchmarks and identify best practices that will help organizations optimize their donor relation and retention efforts.

Stepping up your organization’s social game will make a difference, and it’s time to get started.

Click here to get your copy of the study.

We hope it helps you as you seek to best leverage social media for your organization!

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