Data Management

Our customized data management solutions enable your organization to streamline your database, increasing data quality and productivity, while reducing costs. Our specialized data management team can turn your data support projects around quickly with precision and accuracy. Our 3 tier quality assurance process ensures accuracy and quality in the end product. Data can be managed directly into your own database technology or can be exported in the file format that best meets your needs.

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Data Entry and Quality Control

Quick and accurate entry of new data enables you to harness the momentum from new leads, members and contacts. Whether you need manual entry of records or quality control of records that have been imported electronically, getting it done accurately and quickly will maximize the value of your data.

Duplicate Identification and Merging

Removing duplicate records from your database improves efficiency. Reviewing and merging records can be a tedious process but is a key component of data quality. Our management of this process ensures that data is streamlined and merged while maintaining the most up-to-date contacts and key related information.

Database Cleanse by Phone

Customized outbound calling campaigns are designed to clean and prioritize your data to increase your effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and generate opportunities. Updated information can be entered into your database in real time or provided back to you in the format that you prefer.

Address Cleaning

Cleaning mailing and email addresses improves deliverability and reduces costs by streamlining your list. Correct mailing addresses prevent wasted print and postage, and return mail processing while correct email addresses prevent returned emails which improves your overall email credibility and deliverability. 


Why Choose Data Management?

Increase Data Quality

Quality data produces quality results. Make sure that you are equipping your team with the information to do the best work possible.

Reduce Costs With Clean Data

Nobody wants a dirty database. When your data is clean you can reduce errors, save on marketing costs, and improve accuracy.

Quick Entry of New Records

When you get records into your database immediately you can capitalize on that data. Our guaranteed turnaround times ensure that time sensitive data doesn’t have to sit idle, when you can partner with us instead.

Why Marketing Support Network?

  • Guaranteed turnaround times
  • 3 tier data quality control process
  • Full scalability
  • Fast, efficient and user friendly implementation
  • One time projects or ongoing data maintenance options

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