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Our team is constantly looking for new and innovative ways of helping you reach out to your customers, manage your data, and find meaning in your existing data.

Marketing Strategy

Our experienced team walks with you every step of the way. From initial strategy consultation, to regular conference calls, we leverage our expertise to help you grow. We employ a variety of processes and design methods so that we can approach every project with the unique tools required.


A fully integrated marketing strategy provides not only improved results but also truly powerful data. When you combine the relational power of social media with the personal connection over the phone, you can create new and meaningful experiences that increase the satisfaction of the people connected to your organization.

Our Team Works For You

We Choose The Best Channels for You

We offer multi-channel marketing services for a seamless brand experience across phone, email, and social media.

Our Team Members are Top Performers

Our marketing team is made up of experienced professionals, who are company and industry veterans, as well as young digital and social experts who are pushing the industry forward.

We Love Our Customers

We are passionate about the work our customers do and we are always looking for ways to pass that passion on to their customers.

Project Management

Every marketing project has a dedicated account manager that is available to field questions, gather data, interpret reporting, and is always looking for ways to streamline your project. Your account receives dedicated attention so that it is always moving forward.


Meet The Marketing Team

Meghan Speer
Vice President of Client Services

As Vice President of Client Services, Meghan helps our clients design solutions to connect, engage, and respond to their constituents across all communication platforms. Her background in marketing and public relations, combined with her creative ideas, help our clients build relationships that grow their brand. Meghan also manages our strategic partnerships to ensure our clients always have the best technology and services available to them.

Kelly Reginelli
Sales & Events Coordinator

Before joining Marketing Support Network, Kelly was in sales for 15 years in the entertainment business. She has worked with corporations, colleges, and nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their goals and make sure their events were successful. Her skills and experience have given her the tools necessary to approach sales in a new and unique way.

Taylor Brenner
Marketing Coordinator

Taylor’s education in Public Relations and experience in marketing for non-profit organizations has brought her to MSN’s doorstep. With a passion for telling a story through print and digital media efforts and social media, she brings her talents, passions, and creativity together to assist in lead generation campaigns for a wide variety of industries. She is excited to work with the MSN team to support the implementation of our mission.

Nancy Bane
Account Executive

Nancy brings 25 years of sales experience to the MSN Team. Her mission is to actively listen to the challenges of each client and find a viable solution that custom fits each individual project. She uses her education and people-skills to promote a genuine experience for both the client and MSN. When she is not busy at work she enjoys reading and jumping out of planes!

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