Lin Cook
Lin Cook

Lin founded Marketing Support Network on April 28, 1982. In addition to founding Marketing Support Network, he has experience working as a sales manager for two firms, as well as editing a magazine. Lin oversees the sales, marketing, and business services at Marketing Support Network. He has a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in theology and counseling, and MBA coursework.

Meghan Speer
Vice President of Client Services

As Vice President of Client Services, Meghan helps our clients design solutions to connect, engage, and respond to their constituents across all communication platforms. Her background in marketing and public relations, combined with her creative ideas, help our clients build relationships that grow their brand. Meghan also manages our strategic partnerships to ensure our clients always have the best technology and services available to them.

Andy Ziegler
Senior Contact Center Operations Manager

Andy brings a wealth of contact center management and client service experience to MSN. He is responsible for achieving client and internal goals and maintaining a dedicated team of agents who provide the best possible experience to every caller. Andy takes pride in delivering results with integrity, fostering employee professional growth and team building, and approaching complex challenges with a positive and solution-oriented outlook. He enjoys music, art, film, and spending time with his wife, Kim, and three children.

Diana Conn
Client Support Services Manager

Setting goals and seeing them fulfilled is what motivates Diana in her work. She had 10 years of experience as an administrative manager in the United States Air Force and as an operations manager in the private sector. Diana’s experience is valuable as she leads our team in implementation of new customer service and data management solutions.

Melissa Davis
Quality & Training Manager

Melissa’s role as Quality and Training Manager gives her the unique opportunity to see our agents in action every day. The motivation behind the work she does is seeing how much the agents care about the work that they do and taking customer service to the next level for our clients. Her entire career has been focused on customer satisfaction and that’s exactly what she ensures we do here at MSN.

Cathy Vietmeier
Customer Support Operations Manager

Cathy’s genuine interest in our team members and care for our projects creates an environment that is supportive of quality work. She currently supervises our customer service operations by leading contact center operations, workforce management, and overseeing quality assurance. Cathy’s mission to listen, educate and find solutions all comes together to create a happy and productive team, and ultimately satisfied customers.

Debbie Johnston
Outbound Services Manager

Debbie is rewarded by seeing our team and our clients come together around a common purpose resulting in our clients reaching their goals and growing their organization. Debbie leads our outbound team in the successful implementation of outbound calling and email campaigns. Her leadership style focuses on mentoring and equipping future leaders. She contributes to our team members getting the best possible results for our clients.

Theodore Isiah Carson
Director of Technology Services

Theodore is dedicated to helping others. With extensive experience in the technology industry, Theodore is an accomplished software developer and team-focused individual with expertise in the creation of new and legacy applications. His background in programming and information technology services supports the success of our client solutions and partnerships as well as our internal team.

Jan Mackowiak
Human Resources Manager

Jan has made it her personal mission to “Pay It Forward” with acts of kindness. This spirit of giving and kindness is evident in her role here at MSN. Jan brings together her personal passion and professional expertise to manage our human resources department where she works to keep our team at its best. It was no surprise to us when she was awarded the Pittsburgh Business Times Human Resources Leadership Award!

Michael Carnevale
Database Services Manager

Michael has been with Marketing Support Network for five years. He oversees custom reporting, quality control, training, and project implementation for business to business and business to consumer projects. He has over ten years of experience in customer service and sales in both call center and retail environments. Michael is a certified Swiftpage ACT! Consultant and received his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, from The Pennsylvania State University.

Matt Slippy
Digital Services Coordinator

Matt’s passion is plain and simple: help other people. In college, Matt quickly realized he had a love for connecting with people from all different backgrounds. His work, with a variety of nonprofit organizations, helped him to understand that one of the primary needs of people everywhere is the ability to connect with one another. Matt’s background in business and a degree in marketing enable him to create innovative digital media content to further develop the customer experience through engagement on social, in email and on the web.

Emily Altmyer
Digital Media Specialist

Emily’s experience in marketing, communications, and graphic design has led her to pursue the realm of digital media. She has a strong passion for connecting with people through online and artistic outlets. Emily enjoys producing and brainstorming new content ideas for clients and her modern style and creative mindset help to promote and grow brands.

Madison Mincone
Digital Marketing Specialist

Madison’s love for social media, writing, and creating has brought her to MSN. Her degree in public relations helped her find a career that combines her passions and puts them to good use. Madison’s past customer service experience, at Kennywood and Walt Disney World, shaped the way that she creates messages and targets them to the right people. When Madison is not at work, she enjoys reading, riding roller coasters, and playing volleyball.

Kelly Reginelli
Sales & Events Coordinator

Before joining Marketing Support Network, Kelly was in sales for 15 years in the entertainment business. She has worked with corporations, colleges, and nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their goals and make sure their events were successful. Her skills and experience have given her the tools necessary to approach sales in a new and unique way.

Taylor Brenner
Marketing Coordinator

Taylor’s education in Public Relations and experience in marketing for non-profit organizations has brought her to MSN’s doorstep. With a passion for telling a story through print and digital media efforts and social media, she brings her talents, passions, and creativity together to assist in lead generation campaigns for a wide variety of industries. She is excited to work with the MSN team to support the implementation of our mission.

Nancy Bane
Account Executive

Nancy brings 25 years of sales experience to the MSN Team. Her mission is to actively listen to the challenges of each client and find a viable solution that custom fits each individual project. She uses her education and people-skills to promote a genuine experience for both the client and MSN. When she is not busy at work she enjoys reading and jumping out of planes!