Our Heritage

Our president, Lin Cook, originally founded the company as an advertising and consulting agency in 1980 to serve both business and non profit organizations. Lin’s vision was to increase the effectiveness of organizations with whom he worked. Prior to founding Marketing Support Network, Lin was the go-to person for problem solving and strategy development in his leadership roles with other organizations. He was intrigued by how he could translate his skills and experience to benefit organizations by increasing their efficiency and effectiveness. He found that his solutions improved results and reduced costs.

Two years into this work, Lin began to realize that these solutions were often best implemented through hands on support services. With a new vision to not only provide consulting and advertising, but to come alongside our clients to provide direct and impactful support services, the company was incorporated in 1982. In 1985, the advertising portion of the company was sold, focusing the company clearly on developing and implementing support strategies in the areas of marketing and customer service. Throughout the years, Marketing Support Network has continued to evolve and grow with the needs of our customers, and changes in technology. From our beginnings, making and taking phone calls with paper leads and forms, to today’s robust communication strategy in the multi-channel contact center environment, our core values and level of service have been maintained and further developed. Lin’s passion was, and our collective passion now is, supporting missions that matter through excellence in customer service and marketing support solutions.