Phone Support

During certain times in the relationship life cycle there is nothing like hearing a real voice. Our team gets to know your brand and your organization’s voice so that we represent you like you would. The agents handling phone interactions are passionate about the brands under their care. Our expertise and scalability enables you to focus on doing what you do best while we do the rest, knowing that your contacts will be attended to by a caring individual. Our phone support solutions deliver excellence in customer experience that creates loyalty, increases satisfaction, and improves results while being cost effective.

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Customer Service

Phone is an ideal channel to handle customer support needs. Creating a phone response and communication strategy with customer satisfaction at the forefront will be worth the investment. Whether your contacts are calling to schedule an appointment, place an order, have a concern requiring resolution, or they have a basic question; our team is equipped to respond.

Tech Support

Providing phone support with a highly trained team equipped to resolve technical issues quickly will increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Our team can be trained to handle full resolutions, or escalation procedures can be set to transfer certain support needs to an internal team through a ticketing system or by warm call transfer.

Lead Capture and Sales

Your inbound phone communication strategy is designed with key components to reach your end goals. Phone interaction provides a relational opportunity for gathering key data to build your prospect database, to inform future growth, and an opportunity for selling and upselling your products and services. Our team members have both customer service and sales training.

Emergency Response

For urgent one-time, or ongoing emergency response you need flexible, immediate, and scalable phone response capacity managed by professionals with disaster related expertise. Our team provides ongoing disaster support and management options as well as project-based deployment solutions. Marketing Support Network is a fully HIPAA compliant organization.


Why Choose Phone?


Phone interaction provides things that online channels do not, including the opportunity to engage on a higher level and guide the interaction based on information like tone of voice, reaction, verbal cues, and response time to build rapport and create a positive and memorable customer experience.

Higher Engagement

With these additional interaction dimensions, phone support provides the opportunity to increase engagement and further relational development to move and grow your brand and increase future revenue potential.

Soft Data Acquisition

Phone interactions provide the ideal circumstance to gather the soft data that is often difficult to get through other channels. Customer experience, narrative data, voice of the customer, and other soft data points provide your organization with crucial insight.

Why Marketing Support Network?

  • Live people, real conversations, and true resolutions
  • Fast answer times
  • Customized solutions and integrations
  • Scalable during peak times, including the holiday season
  • Full outsource or overflow/after hours service options
  • 24/7/365 operation
  • Agents averaging 4 years tenure
  • Integrated support channel capability

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