Email Response

Our contact center team provides immediate and genuine email response for customer care, technical support, and webform inquiries. We offer email trouble ticketing creation and management with the opportunity to provide full cycle resolution or to triage and escalate tickets to an internal team within your organization. Don’t let your emails pile up. Our email support solutions provide timely response to increase customer satisfaction. Email can be integrated fully with our other customer service channels for robust service.

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Trouble Ticketing

Email is an ideal channel for managing even the most complex customer service resolutions. Email tickets can be generated at the first contact and escalated to the right team, or researched and assessed. We partner with trouble ticketing technologies that can be customized for your organizational needs to create, review, and resolve customer or technical issues.

Customer Service

Many email inquiries can be resolved with one email. Our team is specially trained in one contact resolutions and our systems give them the resources to resolve the most contacts possible with one touch. Whether your customers have a simple question or a complex technical issue, they expect a timely response and we deliver.


Easily provide your customers with the resources and information that they are seeking in a format that they can save and share. Our team can provide directions, resources, and actionable links in response to your customers needs. Make sure that your customers always have the up-to-date information they need. Proactively meet customers needs before they ask you to do so.

Customer Satisfaction

Leverage email response as a tool to show your customers that you appreciate them. Increase customer satisfaction by providing memorable resolutions, including a special offer, gift card, coupon, a genuine apology, or a thank you! Gather valuable data for the future of your organization through customer satisfaction surveys.


Why Choose Email Response?

Easy Escalation

Get your customer’s inquiries where they need to go to be resolved quickly by the individual best equipped to handle their specific need.

Minimal Disruption

Enable your customers to communicate and respond at a time and place that is convenient for them so that they do not have to idly wait for a resolution.

Memorable Resolutions

Email provides many opportunities to create a wow experience for your customers that will bring them back.

Why Marketing Support Network?

  • Timely response
  • Experienced team able to create genuine responses that reflect your brand
  • Specialization in one contact resolution
  • Escalation procedures designed to increase satisfaction and improve response time
  • Live monitoring
  • Partnered with top ticketing technologies to customize a solution that will best meet your needs

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