Live Chat

Live chat is an ideal channel for engaging with customers and contacts visiting your website, meeting them where they are with a convenient response. Your customers can be easily led to what they need, and their questions can be answered in real time. Our agents are trained in the methodology that is needed to support your visitors while increasing conversions and revenue. Live chat, in combination with our contact center services, will help strengthen your brand’s image, loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

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Customer Service

The ideal customer service experience meets your customers where they are on the channel that they prefer. Some customers prefer chat because of the real time accessibility, and their ability to multitask while chatting. Customer service interactions on chat can be resolved within chat or also transferred to another channel for resolution, or converted to a trouble ticket.

Tech Support

Chat enables you to provide instant technical support for website navigation, web-based and offline technologies. Our agents are trained to be able to provide full resolutions or to provide tier one support and escalate more complex support requests to an internal team within your organization.

Visitor Concierge

Your website is the face of your organization to many of your prospects and your customers. Make sure your customers feel welcome with a high touch, personalized concierge experience. Thank your repeat customers and visitors, and offer special assistance to those who are meeting you for the first time. Create a memorable interaction with your customer that will bring them back.

Lead Acquisition

Capture prospects and actionable leads at the peak time of interest by reaching out to your site visitors. Build your database by capturing contact information so that you can best serve your prospects and build a pipeline for future marketing efforts. We provide you with actionable data that you would be unable to obtain otherwise.


Why Choose Chat?

Powerful Analytics

Chat provides robust analytics and data regarding your visitors and their engagement with your content that enables you to optimize your presence to drive more results

Increased Conversions

With chat, you have the opportunity to decrease bounce rate and direct your visitors to the resources they want while providing a high level of support. Research shows that “those that chat are 9.8x more likely to convert” (Bold Chat Statistical Analysis 2012 and econsultancy)

Proactive Engagement

Chat is unlike any other channel because it gives you the opportunity to reach out to your visitors to offer assistance and find out what they are thinking.

Why Marketing Support Network?

  • Experienced staff
  • Customized visitor reporting and analytics relevant to your goals
  • Response tree creation that enables genuine interactions while maintaining brand consistency
  • Immediate and scalable response
  • Partnered with leading chat platforms
  • Specialized capability to leverage live chat to increase conversions, leads, and sales

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