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Our team never stops looking for ways to improve the way that people interact with your organization.

Customer Service

Customers expect a quick response and quick resolutions on their channel of preference. We meet your customers where they are, on the channel they prefer, with an experience that will bring them back. Our integrated multi-channel customer-care solutions are fully scalable to provide a full outsource or to supplement during peak, overflow, or after hours. Our team partners with you to support and promote your growth, leveraging the customer experience as a marketing tool, and providing you valuable feedback and support to increase revenue and results.

Designed Support

The seamless integration of our customer care solutions with your organization is possible because of our industry experience, and comprehensive implementation process. Our team is dedicated to your success, so we customize our services, technology and processes to meet your unique needs. This customization is key in achieving seamless integration, increasing brand reputation, and in driving the results that you are looking for.

Something About Us

We Choose The Best Channels for You

We offer multi-channel customer response for a seamless brand experience with the capability to fully integrate all of these channels or provide any of them as a stand alone service.

Our Team Members are Top Performers

Our customer service team is made up of experienced professionals, who are company and industry veterans. The service team is always looking for new ways to create positive resolutions.

Our Team Works For You

We are passionate about the work our customers do and we are always looking for ways to pass that passion on to their customers.

Targeted Service Teams

Our contact center team is trained to represent your organization with the expertise your customers deserve. Today’s customers desire genuine response and timely resolutions and Marketing Support Network assures that through our specialized Targeted Service Team (TST) service delivery model. Your TST will be thoroughly trained and will always be the first to receive your customer contacts. This level of expertise and consistency enables them to act as a true extension of your company for a seamless customer experience.


Meet The Customer Support Team

Andy Ziegler
Senior Contact Center Operations Manager

Andy brings a wealth of contact center management and client service experience to MSN. He is responsible for achieving client and internal goals and maintaining a dedicated team of agents who provide the best possible experience to every caller. Andy takes pride in delivering results with integrity, fostering employee professional growth and team building, and approaching complex challenges with a positive and solution-oriented outlook. He enjoys music, art, film, and spending time with his wife, Kim, and three children.

Diana Conn
Client Support Services Manager

Setting goals and seeing them fulfilled is what motivates Diana in her work. She had 10 years of experience as an administrative manager in the United States Air Force and as an operations manager in the private sector. Diana’s experience is valuable as she leads our team in implementation of new customer service and data management solutions.

Melissa Davis
Quality & Training Manager

Melissa’s role as Quality and Training Manager gives her the unique opportunity to see our agents in action every day. The motivation behind the work she does is seeing how much the agents care about the work that they do and taking customer service to the next level for our clients. Her entire career has been focused on customer satisfaction and that’s exactly what she ensures we do here at MSN.

Cathy Vietmeier
Customer Support Operations Manager

Cathy’s genuine interest in our team members and care for our projects creates an environment that is supportive of quality work. She currently supervises our customer service operations by leading contact center operations, workforce management, and overseeing quality assurance. Cathy’s mission to listen, educate and find solutions all comes together to create a happy and productive team, and ultimately satisfied customers.

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