Marketing Support Network’s integrated solution for digital media marketing & management provides the perfect balance of customer service & marketing on your digital channels. Our expertise in digital communication engagement grows your crowd & improves productivity, sales, data & satisfaction.
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What Can Crowd Thread Do For You?

 Social Response

Live Monitoring

Crowd Thread offers 24/7/365 support capability on all your social media channels. We account for the fact that often social media engagement happens outside of the 9 – 5 workday.


We ensure that both crowd-created social media content is sorted, captured, and displayed in ways that highlight the best parts of your brand.


Our fully scalable response platform ensures you stay connected to your crowd’s compliments, inquiries, complaints, technical support, referrals, and much more.


At Crowd Thread, our team is trained in one-contact resolution to fully address crowd communications. Our resolution team can sort, simplify, and package communications for your support staff or we can provide a full solution for resolution.


 Content Creation


Every great marketing movement begins with a great plan. We employ human-centered design methods to ensure your social media presence reflects your brand well and serves your crowd.


We create and thematize relevant content that engages your crowd, increases brand awareness and starts genuine conversations. We aim to educate a crowd that loves your work.


Rather than just creating static content for your pre-existing crowd, we develop partnerships to connect with other individuals and crowds that share an affinity with your mission.


Every post we schedule is optimized to build relationships with your crowd and get them talking about your brand.

Crowd Thread Is The Perfect Balance Of…



Social Care

Social media customer service efforts allow you to create positive customer experiences and convert negative experiences into positive ones. Every positive social interaction a follower has with a brand gets broadcast to that follower’s network. Being present to your following creates an opportunity for your brand to have localized virality across countless networks. There is no other public customer service channel, so make sure that you’re doing it right. 


Social Content

Great social media content isn’t just funny photos and witty text. It’s a combination of photos, links, text, and videos that engages your audience and calls them to action. Great content gets seen by more people because your fans interact with it and that gets your organization in front of potential new fans. Let us help your organization deliver great content daily.


Tracking Results

Our social media solutions are optimized to obtain ideal results. We focus on maximizing social engagement to develop a vibrant online community that will increase your visibility and ultimately increase web traffic to support your conversion goals. We measure our efforts and your return on investment through data and analytics and share that with you through customized reporting. Learn more about how your organization can achieve ideal results with your social media.



Social media is meant to be just that, social! Our social media strategies are designed to connect with your audience and get them talking.


By creating engaging content that your audience wants to share, your organization can increase your visibility and multiply your reach.

Web Traffic

Homepage, email capture, and app download visits are great “next steps” in connecting with your audience. Our social strategies help drive traffic and conversions on your website.

Meet the Crowd Thread Team!

Meghan Speer
Vice President of Client Services

As Vice President of Client Services, Meghan helps our clients design solutions to connect, engage, and respond to their constituents across all communication platforms. Her background in marketing and public relations, combined with her creative ideas, help our clients build relationships that grow their brand. Meghan also manages our strategic partnerships to ensure our clients always have the best technology and services available to them.

Matt Slippy
Digital Media Coordinator

Matt’s passion is plain and simple: help other people. In college, Matt quickly realized he had a love for connecting with people from all different backgrounds. His work, with a variety of nonprofit organizations, helped him to understand that one of the primary needs of people everywhere is the ability to connect with one another. Matt’s background in business and a degree in marketing enable him to create innovative digital media content to further develop the customer experience through engagement on social, in email and on the web.

Emily Altmyer
Digital Media Specialist

Emily’s experience in marketing, communications, and graphic design has led her to pursue the realm of digital media. She has a strong passion for connecting with people through online and artistic outlets. Emily enjoys producing and brainstorming new content ideas for clients and her modern style and creative mindset help to promote and grow brands.

Madison Mincone
Digital Marketing Specialist

Madison’s love for social media, writing, and creating has brought her to MSN. Her degree in public relations helped her find a career that combines her passions and puts them to good use. Madison’s past customer service experience, at Kennywood and Walt Disney World, shaped the way that she creates messages and targets them to the right people. When Madison is not at work, she enjoys reading, riding roller coasters, and playing volleyball.

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