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How To Choose a Call Center Blog Series


3. Is their vision one that promotes investment and engagement?

Knowing about the senior staff of the contact center is very important. Who trains the agents? Do they have an open line of communication? Finding out how the internal structure of the organization works will give you a window into the values of your contact center partner.  If those values are in line with your organization and your customer service goals you have found a good partner. Find out the supervisor-to-staff ratio and what the opportunities are for internal promotion and the strategies for staff engagement. These keys to employee growth increase employee retention, investment, and satisfaction which drive better results for you on a daily basis. “Attitude reflects leadership” taken from one of my favorite movies Remember the Titans. Leaders who lead by example, build trust, and engage their team – get successful results.

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Seth Godin’s Circles of Marketing

Seth Godin states it simply:

“When in doubt, when your marketing isn’t working, the answer is easy: go one circle in.”

Think back to when you were taught about the rings on a tree trunk. Finding out that each ring represents a year of the tree’s life is pretty amazing, especially if there are many rings! Every ring is important; the center being the original source of life, surrounded by the outer rings’ strength.

So how do trees relate to marketing? They’re not just for environmental campaigns! View your marketing plan in a similar light. In Seth Godin’s Blog, The Circles of Marketing,” he explains what each circle represents in your plan. The outermost circle is the hype - to take what you’re given and yell about it. Many people think that advertising is the same as marketing, and that marketing is simply promoting.

But more important than yelling about the product or service is what happens within the next circle in: the actual understanding of where it fits into the world and creating alignment. It’s the understanding that what you’re yelling about won’t be a good fit for everyone, but that you will do whatever you can to delight those who can benefit.

The next circle in is important and often overlooked. It’s what surrounds the actual product or service. It is your customer support, your incentives, the atmosphere, usability, etc… To many consumers, these “extras” are as important as the product or service itself!

The core, or innermost circle, is your product or service. This is where it all starts!

So if something is off balance and you know you need to make a change but you don’t know what or where to start – just go one circle in.

… and just for fun, plant a tree!



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5 Marketing Tips to Beat the Heat

This is a summer that will not soon be forgotten. It has been HOT outside! People are grateful for air conditioning. Public pool and waterpark admissions are skyrocketing. Everyone wants to beat the heat, which may mean your sales could be taking a hit. What do you do if you’re not in the business of cooling people down on a hot summer day?

If the heat is keeping your patrons away, here are 5 Marketing Tips to Beat the Heat:

  1. If your location is air conditioned, advertise and pass the word along! Your customers can comfortably shop in your arctic-chilled air conditioning.
  2. Offer customers free refreshments like lemonade or water during the hottest hours of the day. Feeling refreshed while shopping is sure to delight!
  3. Hot Deals! Offer coupons and/or incentives valid in-store only to get your customers to visit on the hottest days.
  4. Offer to carry your customers’ purchases to their cars. It will be greatly appreciated. This will give them a chance to turn their car on, cool it down, and get out of the heat faster.
  5. For Online Retailers: Offer free or discounted shipping and returns/exchanges through August. This is a great way to bring in sales from customers that are not able to leave their homes during the heat.

Enjoy Summer! Stay cool and beat the heat!

Would you like to share a tip? As a consumer, what would prompt you to bear the heat to get to your favorite store? We’d love to hear from you- please comment below!



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The Best Marketing Tips


For the past fifteen years, Jim Connolly has been helping small and medium sized business owners drastically improve their sales. He has also worked with large companies such as Disney, BBC, and Mitsubishi, and has been referenced  many times in the New York Times Small Business Section.

In his post, Top Marketing Tips, Jim offers us his top 10 proven marketing tips:

  1. Throw that old marketing guide in the bin!
  2. Email marketing – start using email marketing NOW!
  3. Build a well-connected network
  4. Internet marketing – start taking your website seriously!
  5. Match your fees to your promises!
  6. Use ‘attraction marketing’ and not pursuit marketing
  7. Do some competitor research
  8. Joint Ventures
  9. Endorsed Relationships
  10. Don’t mistake movement for progress!

Please check out his article to learn how to implement these tips and see how fast these changes can improve your bottom line!



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Tips From Our Team

Reba Schenk, Marketing Manager at MSN

Marketing is an integral aspect of building your business and growing your customer base, and with ever-changing target markets and communication channels, learning new strategies and seeking advice is more important now than ever before. MSN’s Reba Schenk offers 5 Tips to Help Ensure Successful Marketing: 

  1. Stay in front of people consistently without being annoying. This is a very fine line, but take the time to find it and follow it!
  2. Think outside the box. Sometimes your best marketing campaign won ‘t come from what you read in a textbook – it will come from the creative idea that you’re afraid to pitch. Go for it!
  3. Utilize all channels of communication to contact people. Mail (yes, regular mail!), email, telephone, Facebook, Twitter, and don’t forget good old face to face contact.
  4. Make it personal. Have relationship-oriented goals. Learn and care about the needs and interests of those whom you are reaching out to.
  5. Make sure your products and services back up your marketing! Word of mouth can cost more than gold. Don’t market a deal that is too good to be true. Your customers will talk about the negative impact it had on them, and they will be heard. On the contrary, if your customer experiences the “wow” factor, their word of mouth is free advertising. Strategize wisely!

 Check back next Tuesday for more Tips From Our Team!