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How To Choose a Call Center Blog Series


3. Is their vision one that promotes investment and engagement?

Knowing about the senior staff of the contact center is very important. Who trains the agents? Do they have an open line of communication? Finding out how the internal structure of the organization works will give you a window into the values of your contact center partner.  If those values are in line with your organization and your customer service goals you have found a good partner. Find out the supervisor-to-staff ratio and what the opportunities are for internal promotion and the strategies for staff engagement. These keys to employee growth increase employee retention, investment, and satisfaction which drive better results for you on a daily basis. “Attitude reflects leadership” taken from one of my favorite movies Remember the Titans. Leaders who lead by example, build trust, and engage their team – get successful results.

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How To Choose a Call Center Blog Series



1. Do they answer?

More than likely you are looking for a contact center because you are facing challenges with being able to answer or reach out to your customers and to do so quickly. Not all contact centers successfully respond to this simple need. The quicker your average time to answer your incoming contacts, the happier your customers are, and the less potential revenue and results you lose from abandoned calls. The industry ideal standard is to answer within 20 seconds although different standards may apply in specific cases. Our current average time to answer is below the industry standard. Your contact center partner should offer scalable support that can handle fluctuations in volume without compromising answer times and customer service.

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Tips From Our Team

Michael Carnevale, Database Services Manager at MSN

Excellent customer service is so much more than working to get the customer what they need. It’s a 360 degree experience. If we are to provide this type of service, it should be our goal to make the customer feel special and important- allowing them to walk away from the experience knowing they made a good decision by choosing our services. MSN’s Michael Carnevale offers 5 Tips to Remember to Provide Your Clients and Their Customers with Excellent Service and Care:

  1. LISTEN! The best and most productive way to quickly meet (and exceed, right?) a customer’s needs is to know precisely what they are…. through listening! Ask specific questions and listen closely. Read between the lines of what they say to fully grasp every element of the situation.
  2. Double Check Everything. We all know to measure twice and cut once, right? No matter what line of business you’re in, details matter. Details matter even when you think they won’t. So don’t make what could be a costly mistake just from being hasty or over-confident. And honestly, it really doesn’t hurt to triple check everything. (I do!)
  3. Keep Customer Service Your #1 Priority. It’s tempting to drift toward choosing the easiest solution (even if it works) without much consideration if you don’t have an end goal in mind. So what is the end goal? To keep the customer first.
  4. Never say “NO.” If customer service IS your first priority, then you need to know what you can say in place of the dreaded “no.” Preparation is key. Always know what the acceptable alternatives are in your specific industry. Re-direct and say what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T do.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to think outside of the box. Do whatever it takes to go above and beyond for your client. There’s a reason your client chose you! If you have to get creative and find an entirely new strategy to meet and exceed their needs, it will bring positive benefits. Don’t be afraid of innovation!


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Tips From Our Team

Reba Schenk, Marketing Manager at MSN

Marketing is an integral aspect of building your business and growing your customer base, and with ever-changing target markets and communication channels, learning new strategies and seeking advice is more important now than ever before. MSN’s Reba Schenk offers 5 Tips to Help Ensure Successful Marketing: 

  1. Stay in front of people consistently without being annoying. This is a very fine line, but take the time to find it and follow it!
  2. Think outside the box. Sometimes your best marketing campaign won ‘t come from what you read in a textbook – it will come from the creative idea that you’re afraid to pitch. Go for it!
  3. Utilize all channels of communication to contact people. Mail (yes, regular mail!), email, telephone, Facebook, Twitter, and don’t forget good old face to face contact.
  4. Make it personal. Have relationship-oriented goals. Learn and care about the needs and interests of those whom you are reaching out to.
  5. Make sure your products and services back up your marketing! Word of mouth can cost more than gold. Don’t market a deal that is too good to be true. Your customers will talk about the negative impact it had on them, and they will be heard. On the contrary, if your customer experiences the “wow” factor, their word of mouth is free advertising. Strategize wisely!

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Tips From Our Team

 Harry Repic, Senior Regional Account Manager at MSN

There is so much more to the “Sales” profession than simply “Selling.” The true sales expert is also a relationship expert. MSN’s Harry Repic offers 5 Tips to Build & Keep a Successful Sales Partnership with Your Clients:

  1. Do your homework.  Have a full understanding of your client’s business and what makes them successful.
  2. Exercise excellent listening & communication skills. Being a successful communicator is key in building solid relationships.
  3. Extra value is the winning ticket! Have the ability to bring complimentary value-added products/solutions to your client that will generate revenue growth.
  4. Become the consultant! Have a keen sense to build your relationship deep enough with your client where you are a trusted advisor and seen as a value-added team member.
  5. Manage your key clients well – follow through on ALL promises and advice.

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Tips From Our Team


Beth Larkin, Inside Sales Account Manager at MSN

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting are crucial elements to a company’s growing success. MSN’s Beth Larkin offers 5 Tips to Remember for Successful Lead Generation:

  1. Don’t put up boundaries or obstacles that keep you from your goal. There’s always a way. Get creative!
  2. Brainstorm with your co-workers. Insight from others keeps our brains and attitudes fresh and open to feedback and new ideas.  
  3. Persistence is key. Don’t give up until the answer is a firm “NO.” Otherwise, keep trying!
  4. Tomorrow is another day – always remember that!
  5. Mix it up. Don’t keep doing the same thing. Sometimes you have to step back and evaluate your strategies to see what you can change.

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