You could do an internet search of tips on customer service and read article after article on ways to improve your processes, but the core is simple—know your customers! Every organization has a target market, but sometimes they miss the mark (no pun intended!) on figuring out who it is. Check out these tips from What Is Good Customer Service? from, written by Thom Holland, co-founder and CEO of Beckon:

  1. Start by targeting the right customer.  Don’t miss the mark on this one! Be very specific in targeting the right market and getting to know every single thing you can about who will be your loyal customers. You can do this by identifying the demand, understanding the trends, and developing customer personae.
  2. Give your customer only what they want.  If you have loyal customers, they stay with you because they are happy with your current offering and it meets their specific needs. Remember that sometimes change is not accepted well, even with best intentions. Don’t try to sell something new to your customers unless you are sure it will add value, and most importantly, that it’s something they would want.
  3. Create business processes that continually improve.  Your organization must be able to deliver consistent results to your customers to maintain satisfaction and loyalty. These processes must be repeatable and continually improve in performance. Make sure every process is measurable and use appropriate metrics to measure them.
  4. Make communication easy for your customer.  At some point, every loyal customer will want to communicate with you. Make it as simple as possible and you will keep them satisfied. When considering what processes to put in place, consider response & resolution time, preferred communication channels, and your top performing agents.

Make sure to read his full article HERE. Remember that providing good customer service starts with knowing your customer. Take the time to do this—remember that there can be no business if there are no customers!