In an article written for, Carol Tice explains that a great business blog isn’t designed to sell. Its purpose is to show potential customers about your company on a deeper level than the product or service you provide. Your business blog’s contents could play an important role in the decision-making factors of a potential client or customer. In addition, a business blog is an excellent tool to bring in website traffic. But what should you write about?

For, Carol Tice gives us 50 great business blog ideas. Here is just a sampling:

  1. Mention a poplular post. If you notice a post by a popular blogger in your niche getting a lot of attention, add your viewpoint and link to the original post. Be sure to let that A-list blogger know about your comment and link.
  2. Create an infographic. Fact-filled, graphic posts get shared a lot on social networks. This infographic got more than 10,000 retweets.
  3. Go behind the scenes. Give readers a photo or video tour of your plant, customer service desk or the backroom of your store.
  4. Staff profiles. Give a human face to your company by introducing new or seasoned employees.
  5. Create a regular feature. Do a “customer of the week” spotlight or create a monthly collection of the best online articles that match your customers’ interests.

Now get to writing and good luck! But remember one important thing: Your business blog is an important element in your overall marketing and should be used in conjunction with an integrated plan to maximize your website traffic and build your customer base.